“The defining elements of the project are simplicity and essence. Simplification means reduction of costs, shorter processing, assembly and finishing times.”
“The aesthetic quality of the pieces is the direct consequence of the production technique employed, in which the laser cutting defines the lateral sections and the pattern, revealing the joints by burning the edges of the plywood.”
“Created by laser-cutting a single sheet of plywood, so as to reduce waste to a minimum, the furniture is delivered in a flat package, and assembled with no glue or screws but with simple snap fits.
Easily for reduced packaging or storage”
“I never know exactly where I’ll end up, but I know it’s going to be a satisfactory answer, different from the ones before, renewed every time.”
“Carrying out research based mainly on the expressivity of materials, means trying to dignify rather than replace them.
The method is simple, it consists of the necessary operations, arranged in the logical order dictated by experience. The aesthetics deriving from adopting a planning philosophy in close
connection with the latest techniques, is the immediate result of the most suitable processing technique of the material used.
My objects are created with the intention of revealing the building process employed to produce them, while being aware that to simplify means to reduce costs, shorten processing, assembly and finishing times.
Having taken an absorbing interest in the classic “Munari method”, I have patented some assembly methods to make some of my ideas feasible. One of them is the “system for the production of cardboard furniture”, a creation derived from the necessity of having a sustainable product still capable of offering comfort.
“Progress is to simplify matters, not to make them more complicated”
Bruno Munari